Flamboyant Pictures of Human-Flowers by Cao Dien

Cao Dien (Dien Vu Cao Nguyen) is a Vietnamese, USA-based young fine-artist and filmmaker whose main creative ideas are strongly connected to inner beauty and colorful appearances. The photographer is guided by two life philosophies: “beauty is not about the face” and “photography is sex”. “I bring to the act of photography all of the […]

Maria Chirco, Photographer: “Let Your Brain Work Spontaneously”

“I don’t have the custom to delete anything”, Maria told me. She continued: “Every picture is important, every picture is part of a memory”. As I look through her free-to-browse available photo-book, I can understand why. With all the beautiful flaws and perfect captures, her amazingly curated “Viaggioattraverso” (it. “Journey Through”) is a visual diary […]

Nagy Norbert Reimagines Cinematic Worlds in Epic Fine Art Illustrations

Romania-based painter and digital illustrator Nagy Norbert takes the concept/fine art to a whole new level of awesomeness. You’ll come to realize that some of his new reinterpretations of TV shows characters and redesigns of comics superheroes/villains are better than the originals. For example, I’d definitely watch a movie with a Superman in a golden […]