Flamboyant Pictures of Human-Flowers by Cao Dien

Cao Dien (Dien Vu Cao Nguyen) is a Vietnamese, USA-based young fine-artist and filmmaker whose main creative ideas are strongly connected to inner beauty and colorful appearances. The photographer is guided by two life philosophies: “beauty is not about the face” and “photography is sex”. “I bring to the act of photography all of the […]

Murat Sayginer Replaces Our Degraded Reality With a Disturbing Digital One

Murat Sayginer is an unconventional “visionary” Turkey-based artist who combines photography with digital art, filmmaking and music composition, with abstract perfectionist result. He says: “I am refractive and my art is the refraction of my life”. Enter the absolutely gorgeous digital alternative universe of Sayginer. You can find pretty much everything in it: cyborg-Venus, sectioned statues, […]

A Timelapse Project [Iași]

Paul Crăciun, un tânăr pasionat de filmmaking din Iași a realizat anul trecut un clip timelapse care a avut ca subiect orașul pe timp de noapte. Deși clipul a făcut ceva valuri la vremea lui, recent acesta a ajuns din nou în atenția userilor Facebook, ca și cum ar fi pentru prima dată. Iar clipul […]