Laura Makabresku’s Work Torments My Brains Out

Laura Makabresku‘s ethereal photographs explore the finest feelings, the scenery is one of a breathtaking beauty and I feel like dying. It breaks my soul, the tragic gets under my nails and sprouts my heart. The one feeling that torments me. Laura Makabresku torments me. My hands are freezing and I suffer out loud. I struggle to […]

Dragan Bibin. Serbian Mythology and Folktales

Dragan Bibin is an artist with a timeless vision from Novi Sad, Serbia. He has illustrated picture books, book covers, textbooks and other projects for clients such as Kreativni Centar, Zavod – Serbian State Company of Textbooks, Orfelin Izdavaštvo and Čarobna Knjiga. Dragan generally works in traditional media, mainly oils but also in egg tempera. […]