Lucian Harbada’s Collages Offer a New, Unusual Perspective on Life and Reality

I recently ran into Lucian Harbada‘s work and I’m feeling excited I eventually did this. He creates impressing minimalist collages, managing to offer a new and unusual perspective on life and reality. Lucian presents his own parallel world, where everything seem to be surrounded by the vast emptiness of space. I mostly enjoy how he […]

I’m Absolutely Head Over Heels with Natalie Kucken’s Work

I haven’t written an article for about four or five days; I guess I needed a break, to let my thoughts go and to find inspiration else where. Or maybe I was waiting for the opportune moment to write about an incredibly brilliant young woman, Natalie Kucken. It’s been like three hours since I discovered […]

“Subiectiv în București” – Sneak Peek of Today’s Fresh Adult’s Potential

His name is Codruț Gașpar, but his friends call him Cody. I remember I used to make fun of him because my female dog had the same name, since at first we taught she was male. Leaving the joke aside, we were colleagues in Tonitza for four years. Initially we would skip classes together in […]

Shut Your Filthy Mouth Creative!

Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri a.k.a. Filthy Mouth Creative is a photographer, stylist and creative director based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She also creates a fashion style which is a juxtaposition at this idea and artistic vision, Filthy Mouth Cloathing. Completely self taught, she uses her never-ending curiosity to create unique concepts. Her work is heavily inspired by […]

Toni Mazuranic’s ‘Plastic Divas’ Criticizes Fashion Fake Perfectionism

Toni Mazuranic is a Croatian, Zagreb-based artist whose visually stunning painted collages touch both sensitive and taboo issues. One of the subjects is the perpetual pursuit of standardizing the women through plastic surgery and identity anihiliation for the sake of fashion. According to Atelier Home Gallery (Italy), Mazuranic’s mind-bending pieces represent “a variety of themes related to the […]

Fresh, Conceptual Portraits of Teenagers by Hassie M.

So many young, talented photographers out there recently! They pop up every day! It feels like trying to behead a Hydra, just to let other two new heads to grow instead; when you think you’ve seen most of them artists, another dozen with new vision appear! You can say a lot about technology and its bad […]

“Amalgama” – Ultima pasăre Phoenix a Ioanei Diacu

Am început să colaborez cu Ioana, de când i-am fost model pentru proiectul gotic-punk “Eclipse of The Moon”, fotografiat de Cristian Crisbășan. Rochiile pe care le-a făcut atunci, au fost exact pe gustul meu, dat fiind că mie-mi plac chestiile dark, gotice, punk și metal. Am mai avut ocazia să ne ciocnim și în alte […]

Subtle, Minimalist Design Masterpieces From Imaculatura: ‘ÎLE flottante’

Imaculatura is a Bucharest-based project created by Anca Adina Cojocaru and Irina Constantin. The two artists mix poetry, illustration, design and even performance in order to conceptualize fashion items and pieces of clothing. They started the project in 2013, “based on the usage of concepts and resources of the creative fields including graphic design, fashion […]

‘V E R L O R E N’: Watch Five Nephilims Fighting Each Other for Their Lost Paradise

Marcel Proust used to say: “The true paradises are paradises we have lost!”. This is actually the motto the entire video is based on. ‘V E R L O R E N‘ is the new short-film produced by Serpentine Series Project and is created as a contemporary fashion film in which what might look like four […]

Paper Fashion Or Where Fashion Meets Paper

Boys, I’m really sorry about you, but I’m afraid this is exclusively a woman thing. Hehe! What I’m going to do is presenting you, girls, women, and so be it, boys, Paper Fashion. It was born in 2009 by Katie Rodgers in order to share her amazing and fantastical watercolours with the entire world. Originally […]

The Melted Half-Naked Letters of Ana-Maria Micu

Ana-Maria Micu is juggling with typography, fashion styling and graphic design in a way only some people are able to. Her imagination is horsing around in one of her latest graphic minimalist projects: Meltdown. In other words, a series of visual works based on the letters of the actual M E L T D O […]