We Are FRIG: A Natural Phenomenon of 6 Inches Between Outer Space and Earth Surface

“FRIG represents a new project that wants to bring something new in the rock music style, trying to develop a new genre of elements with Progress Jazz/Industrial Metal combined with a show of lights with images extracted from the Universe with the help of a big telescope.” Baldo: Hi, guys! I noticed you tried to describe […]

Put Yourself Into a Half-Hour State of Anxiety With Holy Gallows’ ‘Agita’

Mark Brake (aka Holy Gallows) is a Memphis-based musician who just released ‘Agita’, an experimental, post-rock album containing two tracks of 15 minutes each, with two different kinds of stories behind. As how Garrett Crowe from Everthing is Stories Radio says, “Holy Gallows may remind you of Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Tim Hecker, or Loren […]