“Emotion In Motion” – The Rebirth of Instant Photography

I was born early enough to know what a Polaroid is, but too late to understand what’s it all about. From the rather vague memories of my childhood, I managed to select a few interesting ones, I managed to keep some of them fresh. One of those memories is about a few youngsters who used […]

‘INTERSECTION’, Two Days of Contemporary Art Fusion at Halele Carol (Bucharest)

[UPDATE] Win a double invitation to the event. Find out how, here. After a first collaboration in 2013 which transformed a parking space (Ciclop Garage) into a permanent urban art gallery, Work in Progress and The reart.ro re-unite at Halele Carol, Bucharest, where for two days (May 29 and 30, 2015) they will be presenting a new contemporary art and urban culture event, […]

Feed Me. Noper + Saint Machine

FEED ME is an experiment that explores the relation between the artwork and its public. The entire exhibition is a live organism that feeds on the energy produced by the movements of the public. It is an interactive multimedia capsule that carries a dynamic platform where everything moves, pulses and reacts to motion on a […]

The Untitled Sculpture Exhibition of Titus Ivan

Between September, the 24th (6:00 pm) and October, the 8th, 2014, Meru Iasi will be hosting the latest sculpture and installation exhibition of Titus Ivan. The exhibition will be an incognito flavoured one. An untitled exhibition, as they already call it on Social Media, and with no statement, as the sculptor himself warns us. I can […]