Exclusive Series by Zeno Gill: “Memories Are Made of This”

New York based photographer, Zeno Gill mostly shoots portraiture, street or travel photography. He has shot for Elite Models, Disney, Brylcreem, Raw Beauty Talks, and several boutique model agencies in NYC.His latest series is called “Memories Are Made of This” and it’s shot on Lomochrome Purple 35mm film in Dublin, […]

Lupu Marius X Lia Sarbu: Details of an Afternoon (Exclusive)

Romanian freelance artist, photographer, Cultartes partner and hip-hopper Lupu Marius splits his activities between music, urban architecture photography, visual diary snapshots and kinky, raw portraits. Marius captures an intimate moment, placing the woman so beautifully and presenting her most delicate features. He’ll take you on a lunatic journey, from his […]

Redlight District by Antonio Paradiso (Exclusive)

I have more than one camera at home, let’s say that when I want to devote myself more carefully, I use a 1979 Giapponesina, a yashica fx3 super 2000, a completely mechanical camera. This speaks a lot about all those people who invest loads of money in photographic equipment without […]

Belladonna’s Tears vs. Lucy’s Diamonds (P.IAS Exclusive Interview)

Today’s exclusive feature on Cultartes is Iasmina Panduru aka P.Ias. Fashion photographer, filmmaker and illustrator, Iasmina first caught my eyes when I was fooling around on Instagram; as I’m always in search for awesome creative minds I instantly followed her to keep up with her provocative work. From admiring her […]

Patricia Nita X Marius Lupu – Unpleasant True (Exclusive Series)

[:en] Both featured in CVLTARTES Issue #5 – Smoke X Mirrors, Patricia Nita and Marius Lupu have finally met in Bucharest due to photography and kindly remembed about the times they spent together in kindergarten. Patricia asked Marius for a collaboration on a project she already started; they had the opportunity […]

(Exclusive) Thy Veils Releases New Outworldly Video – ‘In Brightness’

[:en] Considering their musical approach and appearance, Thy Veils manages to detach from this world. “In Brightness” is the fourth story born from and for “Neoradiant”; it’s a new chapter, a new video. Hmm…it sounds rather grotesque to name it a video based on what this visual exploration actually represents. […]