Leonardo Glauso’s “Private Nudes” – A Two-Faced Display of Sexuality

Naked twins. Naked roller-skaters. Naked contortionists. Naked beauty seen with a naked eye. Glauso’s muses are innocence’s turned voluptuously in guilt, sweet guilt. Leonardo Glauso is a photographer, editor and founder of Resuer Magazine, currently based in Milan. Born in Florence, he started photographing about 7-8 years ago. He’s still in his twenties, but I […]

Cultartes Features ‘In Rooms’, The Visual Diary of Brittany Markert

Brittany Markert is a fine art photographer from Brooklyn, NY. What it takes is only few clicks on her shady website to get caught in some sort of an insurgent whirl of madness and taboo. Her early artworks, most of them polaroids and self-portraits, show little of her dark-side imagery, but enough to realize her […]

Lepage’s Photography Deconstructs Women’s Portraits Using Picasso’s Cubism

Jean-François Lepage is a photographer who can easily be considered a painter, due to his working methods. I would compare without any reservations his powerful pictures to Picasso’s cubist masterpieces. The way he cuts the lines directly through the subject’s face or body, the unexpected contrasts between warm and cold tones. As Lepage states on […]

ORIEL – Watch The New Adventures of A Self-Aware, Horny, Malicious Puppet

Don’t let yourself influenced by the childish first impression you might have about the series. Oriel – A Fantastic Journey is way more than that. The new unconventional video fairytale master-minded by Romanian filmmaker and director Nicu Stanescu is probably one of the most well-structured and well-thought recent film projects in the country. The team […]

Pierre Fudarylí Teases You With A Short Video-Portfolio Called ‘Prelude’

Mexican photographer Pierre Fudarylí released a video which features some of his most iconic works. The brief video portfolio was created in such way that it brings the best of his surrealist-erotic artworks to life. The video was produced by musician and designer Carlos Perucini and it’s called ‘Prelude’. The interesting thing is that it does feel […]