Cultartes Features: ‘Be Whole’, New Release From Sound Awakener

Cultartes Magazine features ‘Be Whole’, the new EP release of Hanoi-based musician and experimentalist Nhung Nguyen (aka Sound Awakener), and the 2nd one available on Bandcamp page (after September Traveler, released in February 2015). ’Be Whole’ is a 3 chapters journey through the electrical subconscious of the musician. Each chapter lasts more the 10 minutes and it […]

Normotone – Hiraeth (CD UPR 028). Or About the Hornification of Your Senses.

So, I was looking for something different to listen to. I felt a metal saturation lately. No problem, I will get back as soon as I will taste something with strong flavours. Meanwhile, I discovered a project that combines electronic music with industrial and cold-wave with folk in a style that aroused my sympathy and […]

Fine, It’s Pink’s New EP Thrown Me Into a Musical Lucid Dream

Honestly, I didn’t think I would like it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t believe I would feel anything about it. I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan, even though I have a general appreciation for the band, their awesome music and for their evolution from local group to a wider national notoriety (and […]

Watch this dude attempting and failing to fuck Mother Nature

  This music video just made my day. “She’s Bad” it’s a new video created by the French producer DyE and directed by Dent de Cuir. You may just ignore the noise in the background, which is basically just an useless disco song from the so-called electro legend Egyptian Lover (whom I never heard of, since now), and […]