Mind-Bendingly Manipulated Landscapes that Warp the Perception of the World

Petey Ulatan has one of the best Instagram account ever; he is a creative professional based out of Honolulu, Hawai. It’s so lovely to follow him. Ulatan creates mind-bendingly manipulated landscapes that warp the perception of the world around us. Inspired by Inception or Interstellar, where the laws of physics are turned on their head, in Petey’s […]

Breathtaking Double-Exposures With A Feminine Touch by Miki Takahashi

Miki Takahashi is a Japanese designer, photographer, and filmmaker. Her projects have focused on creating layered portraits around distinct themes, such as ‘Smoke’ and ‘Nature’. Using a combination of digital manipulation and double exposure photography, she creates tension between the two realities she’s portraying. Although the person is presumably the main subject of the portrait, the second […]