Sunset in the 12th house – Mozaic (Review)

“Mozaic”. Titlul acesta de album cred că exprimă cel mai bine esența sa muzicală, dar și a creatorilor săi. Avem parte de un ansamblu instrumental alcătuit din frânturi de imaginație muzicală strânse în tolba timpului. Puse cap la cap, încadrate într-un peisaj, surprinse într-o formă, în această formă, dau ființare unui material împlinit, ce stârnește […]

The Other Shades of Black. Interview Tilen Šimon/T.Š. (Veldes, Nephrolith)

Baldo, Cultartes: We already had the opportunity to listen to “Watcher Of Fading Light”, a song that will be part of “Descent”, the upcoming album by Veldes. Frankly, I’m very attached to the sound of this song and I would like to find as many as possible on this material, too. Tell us, please, what […]

Interview with Vulture Industries

Baldo, Cultartes: Let’s talk a little about your concert with Arcturus in Helsinki on February 7th. The present’s one should expect something special, something new from you? Tor Helge: We probably won’t play any new material that night, but we do plan to take out and wipe the dust off a couple of songs that […]

Methadone Skies – Eclectic Electric (Review)

I really like everything about what we face here. It’s a project that abounds personality. From the band’s name, to the album and to the framed music in 5 parts, one more complete than another with a cool air, but in the most attractive way, that arouses envy. It is a material that once you […]