ONREPEATTT: Regular Doses of Dirty and Raw Photos

Onrepeattt is a London-based project representing, among many other things, nude neonish photography. Everything is up to the photographer’s choice, you’ll have the chance to submit your kinky, fetish-like photos and João Oliveira will publish them on his website. João is a Portuguese multidisciplinary creative, specialized on Art Direction and Visual Design, passionate with typography […]

A Beautifully Designed Alarm Clock Waking You Up With Freshly Brewed Coffee

Industrial designer Josh Renouf’s ‘Barisieur’ promises to literally let you wake up and smell the coffee. He combines innovative technology with thoughtful design and created an alarm clock-cum-coffee maker which allows you to greet the day over a fresh brew. The fresh coffee or tea is used as a natural aromatic relaxant throughout the night then stimulates […]

Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

Christopher Payne specializes in architectural photography and the large format documentation of America’s industrial heritage. Trained as an architect, he is fascinated by design, assembly, and the built form.  Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals (MIT Press, 2009)  was the result of a seven-year survey of America’s vast and largely shuttered state […]

Livia Fălcaru And Her Bizarre Representations Of The Human Psyche

Joining our collection of artists with amazing works is the Romanian artist Livia Fălcaru. Bucharest- based, she is currently studying graphic design and she’s mainly focused on illustration. Livia has found her niche’ within the artworld by focusing her talents on creating works in the idea of finding beauty where no one else can. I […]

“Amalgama” – Ultima pasăre Phoenix a Ioanei Diacu

Am început să colaborez cu Ioana, de când i-am fost model pentru proiectul gotic-punk “Eclipse of The Moon”, fotografiat de Cristian Crisbășan. Rochiile pe care le-a făcut atunci, au fost exact pe gustul meu, dat fiind că mie-mi plac chestiile dark, gotice, punk și metal. Am mai avut ocazia să ne ciocnim și în alte […]

Thorns-Sunglasses: The Ultimate and (Probably) The Coolest Accessory Ever

Alexandru Racu (RAACU), Romanian photographer, guest on Cultartes, pop-artist, hyperrealist painter and now inventor, came up recently with this piece of badass, painful-to-look-at sunglasses. And now he’s wearing them to make us hate his guts. The unexpected accessory has been created using a pair of recycled sunglasses, with a final touch of hardcore perfection: thorns. […]

‘Double-Blind No. 1’. Short Incursion Into The Seductive Human Subconscious

Double-Blind No.1 from The Double-Blind Experiments on Vimeo. *Exhales* Yep! That’s a hell of a video. The surreal experiment put together by a handful of artists self-named The Double-Blind Experiments reveals the infinite universe of the human subconscious and, apparently, the unexpected variety of activities and profiles a goat can be used at. “Double-Blind No. 1“, is […]

The „Water Mirror” Concept Makes Waves

This is definitely something I want! And I can easily assume you want one too! This seems to be an amazing, revealing, somehow an untouchable piece of work. But let me tell you something extra about this project! This incredibly realistic installation speaks for itself. Entitled Mizukagami (The Water Mirror), it was designed by Japanese […]

Paul Vîrlan’s Digital Cubism Fucks With Your Feelings

Paul Vîrlan already felt the taste of starhood with his kubrickian introspective Space Odissey, a collection of polygonal illustrations that seeks an interpretation for humanity’s end in a poetic fatalistic manner. The Romanian designer and illustrator, easily recognizable for his digital cubism, recently launched his own website where we can browse through many other artworks, such […]

The Melted Half-Naked Letters of Ana-Maria Micu

Ana-Maria Micu is juggling with typography, fashion styling and graphic design in a way only some people are able to. Her imagination is horsing around in one of her latest graphic minimalist projects: Meltdown. In other words, a series of visual works based on the letters of the actual M E L T D O […]

“Kittens can be sarcastic too!” says Romanian illustrator

[ENG] Meow and Meuw are cats and they’re twins. They love to ask themselves existential questions, and also to give answers in their own cynical way. As a matter of fact, Meow’s the one with the useless questions, and Meuw, the bored-to-death-one, answers only to get away and probably just to sleep some more.