Laura Makabresku’s Work Torments My Brains Out

Laura Makabresku‘s ethereal photographs explore the finest feelings, the scenery is one of a breathtaking beauty and I feel like dying. It breaks my soul, the tragic gets under my nails and sprouts my heart. The one feeling that torments me. Laura Makabresku torments me. My hands are freezing and I suffer out loud. I struggle to […]

Sophie Kahn and The Fragmented Women.

Sophie Kahn is probably the only artist who sees the women like a fragmented muse. She merged new technology with old to haunting effect in her sculptures of incomplete women. The absences in these figures is what makes them so arresting. The elements that are represented are death-like in their pallor and stillness. Kahn’s fragmented women give […]

The Sweet Macabre of Elena Helfrecht’s Dreadful Photography

Oh, the sweet macabre! Elena Helfrecht is a German artist whose artworks reminded me of Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth and Von Trier’s The Antichrist. Her darkling photography is far away from an evil-looking one. The blood and ashes means transformation, rebirth, not death. As she says on her website, Elena found her influences in the […]