Freya in The Garden of Soul (Ep 11)- Photo & Text by Irina Gache

Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical characters that challenge her sense of self through different […]

The Philosophical Sense Of Music. Interview with NOÊTA

The duo from Västra Götaland, Sweden are musically described as black ambient, the band’s multi instrumentalists Êlea and Ândris aim to create music as an accompaniment to introspection. The music of NOÊTA is fascinating and compelling. It is music as mood; poetic, dark, ambient landscapes laid out with vintage equipment and Êlea’s enticing, mesmerizing voice. Your music […]

Let Faunlet’s New “Grey Magic” Video Grow in Your Head

Faunlet is a young Romanian post/alternative/darkgaze band formed in Bucharest. It’s actually a new and pretty interesting concept to me. I haven’t heard of Peter’s project till recently when he kindly contacted us in order to watch his video. What I liked the most was the gloomy, intense and powerful voice. It slowly makes you […]

OMFG Posters: Tomer Hanuka is the Badass Behind All the Greatest Comics

Israeli cartoonist Tomer Hanuka needs no introduction; an award- winning, New York Times best selling illustrator. His clients include Time Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, MTV, Universal Pictures, Lucas Film and the like. In fact there’s very few people out there worth working for. His projects are a nice example […]

Georgiana Gîrboan: With Color Gone, It’s Purely About The Human Being

Bucharest-based artist, Georgiana Gîrboan is a budding psychotherapist, with a master’s degree in psychology in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her love for both photography and psychology is best connected with the emotions and the feelings we live while seeing her images. The human being is brought to life in her dinamic, mostly black and white photographs, creating […]

Wetlands: The Grossest Movie You’ll Ever See

Based on the best-selling German novel by Charlotte Roche, Wetlands(2013) is actually a dark, comic movie about a teenage girl named Helen(Carla Juri) who considers herself “a living pussy hygiene experiment“. And this because of her suicidal mother and distant father. The problem is getting worse when she badly cuts herself shaving her butthole and […]

Embrace The “No Censorship” Spirit of Al Visuals Photography

Alex a.k.a AL Visuals is a talented photographer from Iasi, Romania, teaching us how to embrace the skin and the clothes we live in. As he states, his style of photographing has different shades, approaches and perspectives of human expressiveness in an environment without censorship. Characterised by fluid movement, a gloomy color palette and great […]

Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) Is The Crazy Rebel Against The System

Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) is the lemon from the lemonade. She’s the cock from the cocktail; almost overly sweet in person, and then she can switch into these characters when she is modeling. Intrigued by the power of images and the pureness of the human body, her work is beautifully frustrating. It’s like she’s trying to […]

Triste ou Magnifique. Daniel Reuber

Sad or Beautiful. Triste ou Magnifique. We talk about a series of photographs taken by Daniel Reuber. For the purpose of shooting the series, Daniel travelled to Iceland and searched for the most beautiful shots. Beyond this, it is also a visual experiment characterized by its hardly underexposed images. That’s why the series is called like […]

New Works from Anca Mitroi

In a previous interview for Cultartes Magazine, the dark-goth Romanian photographer Anca Mitroi told us that “death is a central theme for my works. It’s a ryot against the obvious clichéistic beauty, and a attempt to emphasize the hidden and grotesque one”. Here are a few new works of hers. Photo via Anca Mitroi’s Blog