Elena Vizerskaya’s New Video Explores the Erotic Multiperspectivism

We’re already familiar on Cultartes with the astonishing photo-art of Elena Vizerskaya, Ukrainian artist, self-called (and for good reasons!) “a master of photocompilation“. Her new piece is this video which features the gorgeous model Daria Viktorivna Astafieva. After jaw-dropping and drooling the first few times, you’ll get to finally watch the “Untitled” video from one head to another […]

Journalistic Workshop Participants made a magazine that’ll blow you mind!

The micro-magazine represents the result of 4 hours of good and funny time (or at least that’s what I want to believe!), of theory more ore less relevant, on-field research and on the scene article writing, some bier and ten minutes of colorful powder fight. An ad hoc, funny, unconventional editorial board, built in the […]

Concurs de Graffiti: Ars Urbana 2013

Astăzi, începând cu ora 12:30, Asociația C.O.N TOUR a dat startul celei de-a 3-a ediții Ars Urbana. Prima dintre cele 3 zile de festival al artei urbane a început în forță cu concursul de graffiti care s-a disputat între 10 artiști grafferi din toată țara (Iași, București, Bârlad, etc.), cu talente care mai de care, în […]