Unsettling Paintings of Materialized Emotions by Ana Butnaru

Ana-Maria Butnaru is a painter based in Iassy, Romania. Her artworks, as dark as they might seem, bring to light a series of deep, thrilling and primal feelings – nothing with a hidden agenda, as we’ll find out later. The artists’ paintings are mainly based on the human subconscious and its perpetual pursuit to reach […]

Marilyn Manson’s New Video Made Me Go Wow

The song Say10 from the Heaven Upside Down album by Marylin Manson, now has a video. His close friend, Johnny Depp, is perfectly playing his role in this piece too. Surrounded by nearly naked women and Manson’s craziness, of course. And they play it so good it makes you question who’s the God and who’s […]

‘The Discovery’. A Movie That Might Open Our Eyes For The Better

I love movies that make us think, and all of the ones I’ve watched lately, intrigued me or stayed with me a while after I’ve watched them, finally opening my eyes to different matters in life. Which The Discovery didn’t make me do because of the way it’s made or how good it is, but because it unleashed my […]

Jesmin Ahmed Portrays Primal Emotions Through Charcoal Drawings

Jesmin Ahmed is a hobbyist artist from India who draws black and white portraits while focusing on the human body and its flaws in order to find authenticity in an Internet-dominated artistic world. “My motive is to portray desire and passion in a different light”, Jesmin explains, “as a very raw, human feeling, and I […]

Siren Song: Jana Heidersdorf’s Art

What strikes you when you first stumble upon Jana Heidersdorf’s work is the warmth of her characters, which is probably a pretty conflicting feeling as you realize that what you are actually seeing are the twisted bodies of deep-sea creatures, mermaids that no sailor ever spoke about. Jana Heidersdorf is a German illustrator who is […]

Photographer Captures Youth and Beauty of Afro-American Urbanites in Nature

Naima Patrice (aka Naima Green) is a Brooklyn-based photographer and art educator. Some of her previous projects: Go West, Joshua Tree, Go South. She has brought her contribution to international known publications, such as The Atlantic, BKLYNR, City Atlas: New York, Interni Magazine or Harper’s Bazaar and has been featured in other several art webzines. Perhaps, though, her most […]

Cultartes Features The Moody Self-Portraits of Anna Marcell

Anna Marcell is a Brooklyn, NY based fine art and self-portrait photographer who captures her own feelings and states of minds in never ending, beautifully glowing series of pictures. According to the photographer’s website, Anna Marcell “stems from intimacy because it shows how she is feeling at that moment and she desires the photograph to […]

‘INTERSECTION’, Two Days of Contemporary Art Fusion at Halele Carol (Bucharest)

[UPDATE] Win a double invitation to the event. Find out how, here. After a first collaboration in 2013 which transformed a parking space (Ciclop Garage) into a permanent urban art gallery, Work in Progress and The reart.ro re-unite at Halele Carol, Bucharest, where for two days (May 29 and 30, 2015) they will be presenting a new contemporary art and urban culture event, […]

The First Issue of Cultartes is Out!

Because Time wasn’t patient anymore, you can now browse through the online, uncorrected and unsupervised magazine, by clicking on the link below. For the printed version available on Monday in Iasi (Romania), we keep the corrected one! Orders available here. The issue is for free, but if you think it’s worth it, any contributions for […]

This is Why You Should Recommend Artists for Cultartes

It’s OK not to trust our webzine. We don’t trust you either. But when we say that we WILL promote your art on our website, no strings attached whatsoever, we actually mean that! Since we launched the website we got only few recommandations, and that’s partly because of the crappy Facebook page algorithm which doesn’t […]