Cultartes Features: ‘Mynah’ – The Modern Dance Series of Cristina Siminiceanu

Cristina Siminiceanu is a Romanian dancer, photographer and model based in Timisoara. The intense passion for modern dancing determined her to create a series of videos that would make you experience a large range of emotions, from nostalgia, love or melancholy to revolt, closeness and panic in a relatively short time. She came up with […]

Brain Records, by Alexandra Crisbășan (III)

“This is a project representing the fragments of conversations which my brain has recorded, during different encounters which I decided to write down. […] So, this is what “Brain Records” is; the story of human encounter, human communication, socialization. The story of all of them together as a whole. A story told from the subjectivity and […]

Murat Sayginer Replaces Our Degraded Reality With a Disturbing Digital One

Murat Sayginer is an unconventional “visionary” Turkey-based artist who combines photography with digital art, filmmaking and music composition, with abstract perfectionist result. He says: “I am refractive and my art is the refraction of my life”. Enter the absolutely gorgeous digital alternative universe of Sayginer. You can find pretty much everything in it: cyborg-Venus, sectioned statues, […]

Hypnotic Dancer Breaks into Billion Pixels in the New Video from Thy Veils

Thy Veils is an artistic group based in Timisoara (Romania). Did you see what I did? I said “artistic”, because is quite  difficult to categorize the group. They’re making ambiental “ethereal world music” (which reminds me of Dead Can Dance) and they’re also playing with these inspiring, jaw-dropping videos. But it’s nothing new I appreciate them […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (IV)

Part Four: of Curators, Artists and Frustration. THE CURATOR Fourth important dogma: the omnipotence of the curator. Contemporary art give a unique opportunity: to see prevail ideas about the identity of the artist at work, and therefore art itself. The equation is perfect: the editors being incontinence rhetoric, they feel a visceral need to produce […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (III)

Part 3: of Good Intentions and Context “The artist is the child of his time, but woe to him if he is the disciple or worse still the favorite” (Friedrich Schiller) The second key to the doctrine of contemporary art is good intention and, as we all know, even the road to hell is paved […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (II)

Part Two: of Transubstantiation The object as object and the object as a metaphor, as a representation, as a pretext, such as a sublimation. Once it was simple: to be a vase, you painted or sculpt it as a jar. Simple, linear, almost embarrassing in its representative coerence. To represent a fountain, you paint a […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (I)

Part One: What? Let’s start with the simple things: what is contemporary art? Reading around, we can say that generically Contemporary Art begins after the post-Impressionism. And when does it end? In fact the contemporary period never finished, because while it is always contemporary. And then because it lacks a school or a dominant artistic movement […]