We Are FRIG: A Natural Phenomenon of 6 Inches Between Outer Space and Earth Surface

“FRIG represents a new project that wants to bring something new in the rock music style, trying to develop a new genre of elements with Progress Jazz/Industrial Metal combined with a show of lights with images extracted from the Universe with the help of a big telescope.” Baldo: Hi, guys! I noticed you tried to describe […]

Listen To ‘Khwaab’, The New Album of Aswekeepsearching, Indian Post-Rock Band

Warning! This is gold! Aswekeepsearching is an experimental, post-rock band based in India (Ahmedabad). I listened to their new EP ‘Khwaab‘ in the morning, as I always do with new albums, and it went perfectly with the sunrise and the fog. Shortly, their music is like a soundtrack from non-characters movies, like Samsara. Or drone […]

Drowned in Sins: „It’s better to try and fail, than not trying at all!”

Drowned in Sins este o trupă atipică de metal din București care s-a înființat prin toamna anului trecut și a reușit într-un timp relativ scurt să și concerteze prin cluburi din capitală (Club A) și din alte orașe (Club Live, Pitești). În timp ce lucrează la un album pe care să-l lanseze în perioada următoare, tinerii rup […]