[Review] An Introduction in FRIG’s Musical Concept: Vid Nocturn”

FRIG is a Romanian project created from the need of artistic experimentation, of a creative exploration that experiences different genres. However, all binds into an invisible, yet present inner flow. In a world choked by imbalance, FRIG proposes a musical universe where the laws of physics and normal, in their […]

Waste Suprematism by Hungarian Artist Balázs Csizik

I ran into Balázs Csizik‘s work just the other day, looking around on Behance to see some of the latest projects. I stopped at this one, though. The Hungarian photo artist and graphic designer has created artful compositions in criticism of pollution. Balázs used rubbish he found across beaches, such as […]

O Impresie Despre “A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues”, Bloodway

[:ro] Bloodway dezvoltă asupra lor o curiozitate perpetuă, deși, ca ascultător de sonorități bizare, ar trebui să fii deja prieten cu ideea proiectului. “A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues” este a treia parte dintr-o trilogie. O fi, cert e că există și s-a simțit mereu o poveste în spatele fiecărui material […]