analog photography

‘In Search of Perfect Illusion’, Analog Portraits by Karina Fomin

[:en] Karina Fomin is a photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her analog portraits are bits of a journey of self-discovery and liberty. Her models are caught in the privacy of their bedrooms, ivertebrate and libertine. Sealed in a pompous package of idealistic appearance, Karina’s artworks are merely attempts of […]

Siesta and Downtown Isolation – Ulmo Carcosa’s Photography

[:en] Martin Della Savia or Ulmo Carcosa is a photographer based in Argentina. His photography is a lost reminder of how to embrace solitude at the periphery of a big city. He captures a variety o subjects in an ongoing experiment of finding his trademark: nostalgic landscapes, warehouse nudes, daily […]

Exposing Movement Exhibition – Body Motion Through Analog Photography

[:en] Four photographers (Alina Usurelu, Sabina Suru, Hermina Stanciulescu, Lavinia Pollack) and three choreographers (Simona Deaconu, Ioana Marchidan, Andreea Novac) joined for an outstanding experiment, the so-called Exposing Movement. The initiative is the very first project of Developing Art aka D’ART, a newly founded Romanian NGO whose purpose is promoting […]