“Summer Jazz Night” Will Be a Dreamy Audio-Visual Experience

Three Romanian artists will perform this Friday night at Cafepedia (Moldova Mall). Two of them are musicians while the other one is a passionate filmmaker and photographer. We’re talking at first about Cristina Pădurariu, a well-known Romanian singer who usually approaches Jazz and Classical, with exotic influences combined, such as african and even shamanic (Tibet). Listening to her you might feel either in the neverending desert or over the highest and coldest asian mountains. Shivers required.

This is a sample of what Cristina manages to do with her voice, as part of a musical project called LeVant.

Along with Cristina Pădurariu you’ll see also Răzvan Boroda, a Jazz pianist and composer with advanced improvisation skills and an ample international activity. He was part of “Slang”, the Romanian band who got the 1’st prize at the Golden Stag Festival in 2004.

Iustin Șurpănelu is a visual artist who defines his style as “onirical and psychedelic”, with a delicate line between dreams and reality, exploring both inner and outer worlds at once. His passion for photography led to beautiful experiments in the past and his visual compositions helps “Fine, It’s Pink”, a local indie rock band, to outline its identity.

iustin surpanelu

“Summer Jazz Night” will start at at 9:00 pm. Booking info.

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