The “Suicidal/Depressive” Interview. Graf (Psychonaut 4)

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! You are one of the trendiest bands from this suicidal black metal area. And rightly say. How is perceived this metal side in Georgia?

Graf, Psychonaut 4: Greetings to you and to the readers! I hope that you used the word ‘’trendiest’’ in a good way, though, in principle, I do not care, as any good artist, sooner or later becomes fashionable and copied, but our band is too young too be in trend.
Currently, in Georgia, our band is percieved quite warm, many fans are proud of us, which makes us happy.

And while we’re here, I’m curious to find out about the level that metal scene represents in your country? What bands would you recommend us?

If you think that metal scene is developed in our country – you are not right. There are couple of bands which deserve international attention. These are – Dismorial,X-Machnie, Signs, Illuminated and Bohema. Sorry guys if someone is missed, please, don’t be mad. (smile)

You say about your music that is post-soviet suicidal black metal. Does this brings something extra to post-soviet gender or it’s more a reference, a geographical framing, so to speak?

Our Prefix Post-Soviet SBM is a geographical concept, we are a band from Georgia and the post-Soviet generation of young people, don’t take this as any connection with politics.



We know that depression, suicide, suffering is leitmotif for your music, but is it a valid lifestyle? Did you ever felt a feeling similar to that of love?

Of course, I have a wife and a child, whom I love very much, and a lot of friends, but in this music we discover the dark side of human lives. We don’t sit at home in depression all day long, with crossed arms, as many people think, we are just realists. There are lots of moments in our lives when there’s no strength to continue to struggle and we transfer these emotions to our music and we just find salvation in this.. kinda hard to explain this.

Is life meaningless? And if we consider that only in this life we can unleash our visions and eventually listen to black metal, for example.

Life Is life, the whole meaning of life, in my opinion, it is life itself, as the antithesis of dead matter, so take your hand or any part of your body, look at it, it is beautiful or ugly, but it’s alive, cut it off, it will remain on kind of the same but will be dead, it will emerge from the life and he will die and it will be irreversible. Someone dedicates his life to science, religion, politics, animals, and we dedicate ourselves to ourselves, we live and thus gradually die, that’s a crappy philosophy.

Is there any song you are emotionally attached to?

The Sisters of Mercy – Amphetamine Logic – this immediately came to my mind, but never thought about it.

When we should expect for a new material? Is there something fixed? I am referring to something collaborations or anything related to this.

The new album titled “Dipsomania” will be released in April 23 by Talheim Records, also will be released Split CD “Urban Negativism”, where we will participate with such bands as Offdrykja, Vanhelga, In Luna.



In your decision to approach this genre, was there a band of this kind or it was your way of looking at music and life in general?

This genre and the Black Metal in general is a world I live in.

If, let’s assume, suicidal / black-metal would become too mainstream, a genre that attracts thousands of people at concerts and albums were sold in very large numbers, would you stay in this genre, would you take advantage of this opportunity or you would reconvert?

This will never happen to this genre, it will always be the most extreme and hateful to the ordinary public, as well as our music.

Do you have in everyday life other interests besides music? Let’s say a job in a company or perhaps other hobbies? How do you reconcile it with what you do in Psychonaut 4?

Almost everyone in our band is unemployed or working at a low-paying job, as me, for example, I’m a barman. Because of financial problems we have no opportunity to devote more time to music.

What inspires you in your creative act? Life and people around you or it’s more a feeling inside that dominate you and which you supress through music?

I, personally, am inspired by everything around me: city, people, myself, memories.

With what band from Romania would you like to collaborate? If there is a name that sounds good for you…

Recently I met the guys from Kistvaen, we will share the stage with them on the Carpathian Alliance Metal Fest, I think they are great.

Thank you for this opportunity and I wish you all the best!

Thank you, too!

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