Stunning And Extremely Delicate Wooden Jewelry By Manuela Marchis

We all know Manuela Marchis, vocalist at Thy Veils and Pilestra (here is an interview made by our mate Baldo). She recently started to design really stunning, lively wooden jewelry, extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Using many materials such as satin, bead, metal, textile and wood, her creations captures the light summer, balanced by a scientific-royal land.

“Only recently I started to feel the responsibility for what I produce and to use the art as a beauty guide.” (Source)

Herb-bearing earrings / Kalidasa Collection

Fortress earrings / Kalidasa Collection

Alder brooch I

Canopy I earrings / Kalidasa Collection

Manuela uses to inspire from Arthur C. Clarke, Constantin Brancusi or the famous statement “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” by the Greek philosopher Plato. Her entire creation is called L u n, made specially for soul jewelry lovers. The collection speaks about celebrating the nature and its contemplation or the human evolution seen as a spiritual journey.

Cilia earrings

Eye II

Growth earrings

Herb-bearing drop earrings

“My work is closely related to an inner personal research and the dualism of life, in which the mystery of the imaginary transcends in matter, fallowing the energetic and informational maps of creation.” (Source)

Canopy II earrings from Kalidasa Collection

All images via Manuela Marchis Facebook Page

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