Spin Your Head Watching Björk’s New 360° Music Video ‘Stonemilker’

Not kidding. At first, I really didn’t see it. But after 1 minute of getting bored on watching the waves hitting against the icelandic shores, the directions icon in the up-left corner of the video turned my visual perspectives to 360 degrees. You heard me!

According to the video description on YouTube, Björk‘s Stonemilker 360 degrees film “was shot on location in Iceland by award-winning director Andrew Huang for Vrse Works”. 

The new video of Björk – ‘Stonemilker’ – has been created in such way that you have to virtually move the camera yourself in order to see the video. Which means, the same video experience could be different for everybody. Mine had 1 minute of boring waves as an intro. 

You’re welcome!

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