Frédéric Drouin aka SMITH SMITH is a photographer, musician, collage artist, founder of Twin Daisies Records and Co-founder of BRAIN T-shirt. France based, I absolutely adore everything about his art; I know about him for a while already but I can’t tell the reason I hesitated to write down some ideas. By far, the most compelling of his many talents is this collage thingy, such powerful meanings and yet I was stuck on a funny, ironic one.


Coca-Coola” is just majestic. It has everything in there, it’s brilliant. I initially wanted to write about his “Les Mondes Apocalyptiques” collection, a representative and painful to watch idea of our cruel end as humankind. But when I stumbled across “Coca-Coola” project, there I was, all sold. I assume you all remember the commercial of sharing a coke with whoever you feel like and that’s exactly this series is all about, more or less. 

He exhibited collages in France, Greece and Netherlands.  

All photos credits: SMITH SMITH

Follow his works on: Website

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my Chinese eyes. Hate fish roe. From the bottom of my heart.