Sisters of… – The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary (Review)

Sisters of… three guys who combine style that were combined before, which gave birth to kinship between genres and so on. Nothing new! Do you say so? Well, I still play it on repeat. And it binds better. Ah, that’s the thing here. Everything is well connected. It also creates a specific mood. There are also songs that you can’t stop listening to. The Serpent, The Angel, The Adversary, meaning the first 3 songs of this material, breathe in harmony, as a singular song, pulsing in a single thought, with a single heart. There are passages with nerve leading to post-metal, especially that some, or better said; one collides with some bits of growl. I love the story built behind the scenes of this album.  It feels like not working randomly, but it was meant to be an airy, laborious construction. Aaron Coker is, essentially, the mastermind of this project. But, on this album, have placed shoulders, hands, and mostly quality, Chris Clark and Isaac Khan. The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary has strength, melancholy, rhythm and a repeat button.

As a personal thought, I must confess that, for this review, I listened to this album twice. The second time I did it as I woke up, with pauper eyes and my head still through dreams. I put the coffee on fire, I lit a cigarette. I woke up suddenly. I was in a fullness of senses and I didn’t know what the heck… I’ve pulled a serious amount of air into my chest and I realized that I felt somehow revived. The coffee was still on the stove. My music player was already playing the second song.


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