The Terrifying And Mesmerizing Images Of Silvia Grav

Today’s feature on Cultartes is Silvia Grav, a Spanish photographer, who creates mesmerizing images with her camera. Her work can be dreamy and occasionally terrifying, as translucent layers of stars, clouds, skeletons and shadowy figures. I see creepy, strange or scary photos, but all of these take conceptual photography to new heights. She recently did a compilation of gifs about little experiments, work in progress and some before and after. This way, we all can see some of Silvia’ ideas. It makes me wish for a black and white world, no color and no feelings needed. 

“I never quite know how to explain it. Aesthetically, I love analogue photography- dirty, scratched. I’ve been obsessed with the black & White that old photographs possess since I’ve discovered photography, but I don’t know why. I see very clear when I find beautiful imagery, but I ignore why I’ve acquired my style. I think that this is unconscious, a set of many influences that are impossible to differentiate.”

Video maker and aspiring director, Silvia has already produced a video for Kiven. It’s somehow impossible to decide if flesh is evaporating or clouds are taking the shape of human bodies. It makes you think of dreamy exorcism. She uses to combine elemental effects and multiple exposures, edited in Photoshop, to create these outworldly images.

“I think my work is totally selfish. It’s impossible to prevent that the opinion and taste of others influence your work; these things remain in your brain unconsciously. “

All images (c) Silvia Grav

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