Shut Your Filthy Mouth Creative!

Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri a.k.a. Filthy Mouth Creative is a photographer, stylist and creative director based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She also creates a fashion style which is a juxtaposition at this idea and artistic vision, Filthy Mouth Cloathing. Completely self taught, she uses her never-ending curiosity to create unique concepts. Her work is heavily inspired by the era in which she was born. The 80’s and early 90’s played a huge role in her styling as well as her creative direction.

To our shame we discovered quite recently her stuff and we decided to make a selection, more conclusive or not, of her sexy artworks. She draws you in her embrace full of sexuality with a photographic style with a strong American parfume. Let’s take a look!

“The model always asks if I can make their butt look a certain way. And I’m like, ‘Nope. Let’s just make your pose right.’ ”

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