Shot by The Bradford: Exclusive, Gritty and Raw Sport Photoshoot

Amsterdam based photographer and art director Christopher Bradford (Shot by The Bradford) is a genius when it comes to capturing beauty, emotion and atmosphere. His photography journey began in 2001 and since then he’s been featured in Nakid Magazine, Sticks and Stones, Last Daze and many others magazines. Bradford is also the Creative Director of It Is What It Is Magazine. He recently captured IFBB Bikini Athlete, Bibiche in a gritty photo shoot that explores the hard work and dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder. Because life’s worth capturing.

I think my background in art and design has really influenced my photography – I continually look for storylines, emotions or just an atmosphere in my work. (Source)

With this photo shoot I wanted to take a look behind the glitz and glamour of female bodybuilding. It takes blood, sweat and tears to achieve a physique like this, and I wanted to show that in all its rawness.

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All images: (c) Christopher Bradford

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