Shae DeTar. The Painted Vail of Photography

Shae DeTar lives and works in New York City. “As a teenager I used to collage and paint on magazine photos all the time but only considered it a hobby”, says photographer, painter, and fine artist Shae. 

How many of you have not drawn, on the face of celebrities in magazines, or calendars, with a marker pen, that famous mustache?! Well, here is about something a little bit different. It’s about making art from that. It’s about giving a sense of a photo, some sort of different sense and feeling. Also, here and there, she uses collages. In these haunting images of girls, Shae speaks of femininity and the reincarnation of dying camera techniques that are currently being lost to the Instagram generation.

She has created her own visual utopia in both personal and commercial endeavors. DeTar’s work portrays nature and women in beautifully grainy colored, near surreal backgrounds and the images are hazy and almost transcendental. Let’s see what is all about!

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