“The Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier” Makes Me Want to Be a Boy

Haven’t you heard the news? How so? Okay, I’m sorry about this introduction, I thought it would be somehow funny, but I bet no one laughed!  Things are quite simple. I have never been to this place, to this authentic barber shop, for one simple good reason: “no women allowed”. I could sneak, but is so far away in Rotterdam!

Before I’ll tell you a couple of things about these guys, you have to know what this Shorem Haarsnijde En Barbier means. Well, Schorem is kind of lost in translation, but we can assume is about shaving. The rest of the title means “Haircutter and Barber”.

Now that you feel illuminated, let’s keep moving! Apparently, this place is specialized in traditional haircuts and hot towel shaves, typical customers being: gentlemen, vagabonds, punks, freaks, artists, rockers, bikers, vintage lovers, bastards, lowlifes and sick boys and the like. Oh, I almost forgot! Tattoos and barbering are going hand in hand, so keep it that way!

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Oky doky, don’t take this too personal, but if you haven’t heard about them yet, well, you should be pretty ashamed of yourself! But don’t worry, no one will ever find out!

This whole procedure is 33 Euros, talking about a haircut or a shave. If you want both of them you’ll have to pay somewhere around 60 Euros. Another pretty damn cool thing about this place is that it looks like a museum, being decorated with old and antiques objects. It looks like the boys are looking for these kind of things, so if you’re somewhere near Rotterdam, don’t hesitate to call them.

Speaking about these gentlemen, each of them has his own style and signature. Plus, they are presenting “The Old School Barber Academy”, since they were asked to do some training, now being capable of sharing this knowledge that they gained over the past 25 years. All you have to do is submit to one of the courses and start being a Jedi barber!

The policy is “first come, first serve” that seems pretty fair to me. To be honest, that’s exactly the amount of cash I’m paying for my rent, so I’ll leave with this letter:

“Dear Owner,

See you next month, now I have to send my boyfriend for a haircut and shaving and all that stuff just in Rotterdam.

Is that okay with you?

Signed, your lovely tenant,

Nicole! ”

Schorem: The Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam from Odd Machine on Vimeo.

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