Sarah Likes Pretty Girls And We Like Sarah

Sarah Bleszynski has a “bad” habit, sarahlikesprettygirls, as we all do. “Sarah Bleszynski´s work represents a refreshing honest pictorial of women made by women.” (source) Very true, indeed, but for me, this sounds more like a woman fight, into a boxing ring fenced with all kinds of subtleties. I won’t use big words, big words is for nerds; I just want to point the naturalness behind the photographic act, it seems a cliché, but you can’t just get over this sensuality captured in a simple gesture. I’m just saying!




I know so many beautiful woman and I just ask them if I can photograph them. From agency models to pretty and long-term friends, they all feel comfortable in front of my camera and I love the capture these moments. I have been doing this for about eight months now and I am sure there is a lot more to come. My dream is a California trip with a bunch of Californian girls. (source)

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