We all have dreams we wish would never end. But what if your dreams lead you to the gates of a submerged ruin, coated in algae and mysterious signs that draw you ever closer until a soft shiver coils around your ankle and drags you in the darkness. What you witness then drains your sanity and you desperately wish to wake up. When you do, you’re soaked in sweat and your heart beats out of your chest. But in the corner of your eye you can still see it. It watches.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the Lovecraftian mythos of nightmarish creatures and otherworldly demons… you’re missing on quite a lot. HP Lovecraft’s storytelling has drawn numerous artists to depict the Great Old Ones and the insanity they instill in their victims and American artist Chris Andrews is one of them.



Specialized in handmade OOAK sculptures with an emphasis on horror and fantasy, Andrews crafts his demons and ghouls on a wire armature, which he then covers in polymer clay, acrylic paint and embellishes them with faux fur, feathers and different other materials to offer them stability, such as epoxy resin. His creatures are colourful, diverse and evocative of the Cthulu mythos. The sea creatures have an unnerving fluidity to them, as if they’ve just dragged their tentacles out of the dark water. Any Lovecraft enthusiast would be thrilled to see how well Andrews is sculpting his dolls, each with a different personality and terrifying look. Wide, glass eyes, supple, almost skeletal cheeks, hungry teeth and claws ready to rob you of your life.



If by any chance you’re into creepy heads staring at you from the walls as you go down the stairs, then you’re in luck! Andrews also dabbles in faux taxidermy, creating life-like heads of rabid werewolves, black goats and the satanic demon Baphomet. The colour scheme is up to you, but a pink werewolf doesn’t make it any less terrifying, trust me. Some sculptures are even fluorescent so take that for a night light!

Where I might find such sculptures you ask? Andrews is showcasing and selling his dolls on Etsy so you will easily spot him among cute jewelry and accessories. Just look for the glowing eyes in the dark.


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