Sabina Costinel: “All the Fears and Dreams the Artist Has, Hide Behind the Photograph He Takes!”

A few days ago I talked to Sabina Costinel, a young graduate of University of Arts „George Enescu”, Iasi. Almost a half of her life she had no idea what Romanian is, because she was born in Canada and her mother is Polish. So that photography, which she probably was playing with before she even walked, kind of was her first form of expression when she settled in the country and also the first way she got to actually know herself.

Daniel Alexander: Is Sabina a photographer name? Do you think there is something providential in your whole attraction to photography?

Sabina Costinel: Providential? I don’t know about that! What I do know is that I like juggling with snapshots since I was little. Catching moments and immortalize them even for a second. To create some timeline-like imaginary memories repertoire.

I’ve seen simple guys who catch mezmerizing photos with a phone, while there are some other ones, with huge pro badass cameras who do photography for weddings and call themselves “artists”. What’s your opinion about that?

I like to take phone pictures, too! The truth is we live in a world where everybody can take pictures. Photography is literally available to everyone. Billions of images are uploaded online every minute, and photography as an art is endlessly developing. But if it doesn’t give any emotions, an idea or if you can’t empathize with it, it has no real meaning. The weddings photo-amateurs can also realize interesting things, but with photos that break the usual patterns.

Sabina Costinel „If there’s no mistery, there’s no fun either!”



So, the wedding photographer is an artist too?

He might be, but most likely he isn’t. Eventually, it doesn’t matter how good you are in that field, the point is you’ll remain at the wedding photography level, anyway.

What is the most sincere definition of photography art?

I’d have to say like, a lot of things here!…

Taking you as example, is photography a gift you earn by learning or you’re born with it flowing through your veins?

I believe it depends on who you are as a human being. I like to think that behind any photograph isn’t just the photographer, but all his personality. All the music he listens to, all the books he has ever read, all his fears and dreams. Today’s artists try to create magic with every artwork by exposing. I don’t think (photography) is something you learn, and it’s connected with how good you are at delivering that magic. In my case it comes natural. My camera grew to be almost an extension to my eyes and my mind!

I saw that your artworks have an intimate erotic tendency, but you don’t unveil anything. What do you think about nudity and mystery keeping?

Yes, intimate! I am still trying to figure out what kind of photography suits me. I am going through a transition process, really, where I am trying to decide what I like and what I don’t like. I experimented nude photography only on my own body. I began to take pictures of myself in order to discover my feminity. About the mystery keeping: if there’s no mystery, there’s no fun either!




Do you have any other  projects or exhibitions planned for the future?

I feel that I am at the beginning. I have plenty of projects in my mind that I haven’t realized yet. My purpose is mainly to keep myself active and be sure that I take my camera with me everywhere. I want to be more creative and to try different subjects to discover my style.

What other projects have you been part of, besides photography area? I’ve seen you in a music video at some point, am I right?

I helped some friends when they were needing characters for clips and other projects. I usually enjoy helping and co-working with people and I am always free-hearted for these kind of things.

What would you choose between a freckled portrait and a freckless one?

What do you think? Freckled, of course! Freckles and expression!

Fine it’s Pink – Secret Island from DEOCHI on Vimeo.

More of Sabina’s works on her Facebook Page and DeviantArt

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