From Russia With Coldness: “Трон” {Review}

I was looking through the darkest metal songs for something to fruit up my human being, so I came across on a Russian project; a country with such a different style in delivering dark music. The project is called TAR and it’s a post-black metal band. Their first full-length “Трон” was released April this year.

The album title and as well as the band name consists in a so called-the-same song and it definitely surprised me. There are some interesting influences from other music style; “Огненный меч Архангела” follows the same path and you’re getting the feeling this is going to be a worthily thing to save in your bookmarks. The album, overall, is a wanna-be story about forest creatures, witches and their inner darkness. I honestly can’t thing of such things while listening to this album, but maybe this more or less gloomy and dark sounds will take you these hollows. It’s a well-knit post-black and it makes you consider about other great bands. For instance, the forth song “Капель”, leads me to a more polished Burzum, so to speak. After all, we’re speaking about a new project and it feels they have a long way to come to a more coveted and ultra glorified style. I don’t believe in originality in music anymore, many songs nowadays are only the result of reinterpretations and rethinking the same basic ideas. But this concept makes me smile for sure, it’s the concept, the style… kind of everything.

Yeah, maybe TAR is not the most original band, but it delivers a good and interesting music. In addition, you can add this to your album collection. 

Current line-up:

Evgeniy Novikov – Bass, Samples
Yuriy Anikin – Drums
Pavel Selivyorstov – Guitars, Vocals 

This album was released on April 23 by Der Schwarze Tod  from Russia and you can listen it here

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