Romanian Photographers Gather to Put The Thief Website Wallpart to The Ground, self-proclaimed as ‘the world’s largest online shop of posters and wall decor’ got people’s negative attention after more and more users started to accuse it of stealing people’s images and use them for profit. 

What’s most likely to be an online scam to get user’s personal data, Wallpart removes itself from any kind of responsability: ‘We don’t steal images!’. Here’s their full explanation, in a shitty-ass English disclaimer: “WallPart Respect the copyright of others. This means we don’t steal photos or images that other people have shared and pass them off as your own. We have no base of images, and doesn’t host and store the image on servers. only helps the user to find the images interesting him, the site uses data of the most known third-party search engines”.

This doesn’t seem to satisfy users’ revolt (and for good reason!). You can’t just take people’s photos without any permission and turn them into money. Stating that you respect the copyright and breaking it while saying that doesn’t make it any less illegal.

Why could it be a fake? One of the clues is there’s no payment method to choose from, as Facebook user Razvan Bogza observes. “The website may be a fake. They can either get your card info, either they get your money and don’t send you any prints. The website is a total bullshit!”.


(c) Razvan Bogza

In the last 4 days only, people started a petition on to remove Wallpart’s domain. Until now it gained more than 40k supporters and it needs less than 10k more to complete it.


Romanian photographers started an online riot

Romanian artists are also victims of Wallpart’s thievery. Pictures of Romanian photographers, websites and NGO’s like Ioana Cristina Casapu, Oana Maria, Denisa Niță, Cristian Crisbasan, Maria Ruxandra Burcescu, Nicolae Cosniceru, VICE România, SUB25 or Irina Gache can be found on the website at a quick search.

Photographers and models like Cristiana Negoescu or Raluca Roșu already started the riot after finding some of their artrworks on this site, at fair prices.

“Raluca Rosu and The Daily Tutli-Putli at 5.59$ only, without my or my photographers’ permission!”, says Raluca, model, writer and photographer.

(c) Raluca Rosu

(c) Raluca Rosu

Cristiana Negoescu, visual creator, already sent Wallpart an e-mail to ask for her photos removal: “Under which permission do you have my images? They appear on your site, I don’t care if you don’t host them or whatever your disclaimer is, it is still ILLEGAL!! I’m glad that you even rate them as well, and have happy buyers, because you are thieves! Any pictures that involve my name Cristiana Cott Negoescu, Romanian Polaroid Photographers, Les monstreuses saveurs du palais, artwe, Artyourself events , Nonsense Observations, ANWBK, Jute Magazine, Vice Magazine, or anything related to that are under my jurisdiction and I have full copyright for them!! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! I urge you to take them down immediately”.

No reply from Wallpart so far. But hey! – their contact form didn’t even work for me!


(c) Cristiana Cott Negoescu

So, if you’re a photographer, you might want to check Wallpart to see your works transformed in cash. Maybe it is a fraud, maybe it isn’t. In any case, Wallpart should be taken down immediately. 

Join the riot. Sign the petition here.

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