Other 5 Romanian Musical Projects You’ve Probably Haven’t Heard of But Will Blow Your Mind

I said to myself to write again about this subject, over and over again if necessary, because there are so many projects worth talking about or hear about. There is no need for a longer introduction, so let’s get to the point!

Swarms And The Sun

One-man project that combines dream-pop and post-rock; it makes you think about foreign projects. How do I know? Well, I’ve listened to “Longings”, his first album released about a year ago and recorded somewhere in his bedroom. Yeah, his bedroom! Just listen to his album and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Let me give you some other clues and let’s say that Sorin Pop, the man responsible for this project, had a lot of nerve to perform live. Furthermore, last year in October he opened the Behind the Shadow Drops show, ‘Taka’ Goto‘s project (Mono). This year he’s about to perform with Nadja and Orkid. Anyway, this is one hell of a project I’m dying to hear more of and curious where it’s heading to.

Cover artwork by (c) Livia Fălcaru


These guys made some cool combinations between post and extreme metal; it’s a post-black metal if you will, but I’ve listened to only one live song and it was filmed somehow poor and I can’t tell for sure if there is to change something before the official release. What caught my attention? I’m not quite sure, because you can’t tell lots about this song, but I have a feeling that this is going to be really something special and only good things will happen around this project. Meanwhile, I found on youtube a video for “Curse of Apathy” which sounds like that: 


Progternative/ Djentlecore. Fuck me! What’s the deal with this band, right? I mean, they sing Progternative/ Djentlecore and from what I know it’s about alternative rock with progressive influences and some angry djent with hard, metal, fucking core. I really can’t stand this genre classification stuff, I found out what the boys are playing the second I searched for some details about them. Assuming what they’re singing, I don’t care exactly about the music’s type as long as I’m listening to a good one that carries me away from this crappy world. We’re losing ourselves into details which can’t improve our spiritual level.

Returning to their music, I love how this project looks like and I foresee this is will become a huge deal. I think they need to work a bit more on the clean voice. Parenthetically, I afford some extra opinions because I found something on YouTube and there is a demo in Bandcamp too; “RIIKepler”, so I had enough material study to work on. In conclusion, I’d say with some work and attention to details they will make a difference in the future and we’ll be able to talk about a well-tight project.


I don’t know how the shit I ran into “Lalaith”, a song released in December last year, but I’m torn. And then I began searching for more and there it was “Transcendence”, a material released slightly before “Lalaith”, in November if I’m not mistaken. I listened, I get the melancholy, but I felt the need for something to break that rhythm, to place me to another level. It’s a cool atmosphere behind their music; oh, yes, post-rock/shoegaze for the exigent ones, but there’s missing something. Anyway, that’s not the reason we’re here, the main idea is that they are doing an awesome job and you probably had no idea this band existed.

Cenușa Soarelui

I saved for the end the most commercial aspect, so to speak. Commercial doesn’t necessarily mean crappy. I just like how the project is designed, abounds of professionalism from the logo to the mixes; an alternative rock with both good taste and Romanian lyrics that sounds so beautifully. Since the very first contact you have with this band, the project will seem very complex and promising to you. Not a huge fan of the genre myself, but I stumbled across “Înstrăinare”, a very catchy video and song, that will hunt you no matter your preferences in music.

They say “Cenușa Soarelui represents an audible and visual approach of a world created initially as comics.” Eh, what more you can add to this thing?! I definitely expect to see more, to listen them perform live and how they would evolve over time. 

Cover photo: Kaidun by (c) MarmotA

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