5 Romanian Musical Projects You’ve Probably Haven’t Heard of But Will Blow Your Mind

I don’t know how many of you keep digging through music’s heaps for new projects, but I made a passion out of this. It’s obvious that if you don’t have any weird attraction to look for something days or weeks in a row, you won’t get any results. Most likely you haven’t heard about these projects I recently found yet, so here are some choices I made for you (can’t call this a ranking or the like, just let the music speak for itself).

Second Wave 

Is a super catchy, kinda sexy project about which I wanted to write like forever but other things have appeared and ruined my plans. Bucharest-based band consists of Daniel Antohi and Radu Dorobanțu and their music approaches an alternative rock with powerful post-rock/shoegaze influences; all the while the voice has a catchy tone. I have no idea why the heck the boys aren’t known enough or promoted enough on the local scene.

Anyway, they have released some super interesting videos lately, yet the one for “Funeral” sure caught my attention and besides that awesome image quality, it has an urban-like melancholy. Their most recent video is “Odd Soul”, released on February 1st and it’s beautifully surprising so go ahead and listen to these guys.


Is another extremely new project that goes around an aggressive sound while mixing metalcore, post-hardcore or melodic hardcore. Cristi, Dexx, Lucian and Tudor are from Bucharest and they were passionate about music for like ever. I won’t get into details. They are about to release an EP and although their first track “Lighthouse” seems bound, it sounds like the boys kinda rushed themselves. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear more and review their next songs. Until then, give it a try!

Photo: (c) Nevergoinghome official page

Mountains On My Back

Quite unknown to the public, these people have played and will play to some cool local fest. For instance, they were announced to sing to Cobra Fest. I can’t tell how I haven’t run into them so far, but I would be terribly glad and I would enjoy listening to more of that. There are some live videos, yet poor qualitative recordings, if you want to make an opinion. They describe their music style as alternative rock, but I would say it’s an avantgarde rock to post-rock. We’ll see what and how but until then we’ll keep listening to those live recordings I mentioned.

Decomposing Black 

Is a completely charming and surprising experiment. Let’s say that to date the band has five released albums and the songs spin around the same theme such as exploring the cosmos. The music is a well-structured combination of ambient, noise, avantgarde and instrumental. We’re referring to a great feeling and a powerful substrate when listening to this project and I need to say that “Decomposing Black 5.” makes you think about Chopin and his nightly “adventures”.


You might think about this collaboration between Andrei a.k.a. Lazerface (electronic music producer) and Mihai (voice-Breathelast) as a weird, unsuitable one. Couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t know and kinda don’t care what genre are they playing to, but their music stirs you up. I would love to hear some songs in English too, not that I don’t like the current ones, I just think this could be a plus. They recently released “Vremea nu ține”, a song that completes the wave of enthusiasm they caused with “Fantome”. Stay tuned for more.

That’s pretty much about it, I don’t know if I missed anything and if I did well, fuck it, I’ll be back with a second part when the moment comes. Don’t forget to give a try to these awesome bands. Cheers! 


Cover photo: Mountains On My Back by (c) DHOPEdesign

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