Romanian Artist Sells Paintings to Pay for His Initiatic Trip to Thailand

A while ago we talked on Cultartes about the palahniukian illustrations of Lucian Lupu. He’s an Iași-based Romanian illustrator, characters designer and advertiser with a fetish for mixing contemporary notions (as capitalism) with literature illustrated fragments and situations. He is also known for Argo Media (a local branding, design and advertising studio) and for Fermoar (an event that combines music with visual installations).


Recently, Lucian decided to move to Thailand in order to have a fresh start, to reboot, let’s say, his artistic views and inspiration. “One month ago I’ve moved to Thailand to deliver myself from the same gray landscape of Iași in order to get inspired by the overwhelming power of nature. Guess what? It happened. It’s just like a good friend of mine told me: the less you work from the same place (as in going to the cubicle everyday), the better you give it, therefore the better the results”, he writes on his Facebook page.

Of course, the whole moving to a far-far-away country thing is expensive, and for some of us, it’s seems almost impossible. Otherwise everybody would do it. That’s why the artist calls on the thing he knows would give him the chance to continue his initiatic trip: selling his art. He says: “For a tourist in Thailand, life can be pretty expensive. I’m calling out to everyone in need of a painting to hang on their wall or in need of a nice present: I’m open to commissioning paintings. You name what you want me to paint for you, and I’ll make sure it will be delivered at your door”.

© Lucian Lupu

© Lucian Lupu

© Lucian Lupu

© Lucian Lupu

We don’t know how long he’ll be there, or how much his living might cost. What we do know is how hard it is for an artist to turn art to profit, so let’s give him a hand. Buy art in order to help art!

More of his works and activity here.

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