Romanian Artist Combines Portraits and Still-Life Techniques in These Faceless Installations

Still-Life -A painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects, typically including fruit and flowers and objects contrasting with these in texture, such as bowls and glassware (definition by OxfordDictionaries)

Alexandra Corneanu is a Romanian photographer and videographer from Iasi, who explores the psychological intimate perspectives of the visual works. She’s mostly interested in photography and installation, combining them in order to reveal the truth. “The visual art projects I approach are explored from a personal and private perspective. In my efforts I seek to expose the hidden, the emotional and psychological truths, of both the artist and the individuals portrayed”.

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But most important, she turns humans into objects. Her subjects are faceless, incognito, only a support or a necessary piece for the final installation, along with paper stripes or dead flowers. There are two projects that orbit around the portrait/still-life blending: “Interobject” (2014) and “Interaktion” (2015).

The first one has been completed last year, and the series contains 4 photographs. “This photographic series transfers trivial and ephemeral elements onto the human body, constructing portraits that retain the viewer’s attention due to the persistency of the objects. The body losses its subject statute, the human figure fades in the background, becoming a prop for the unfolding of the actual objects. These, in turn, gain the importance of the body itself, thus creating an organic sculptural form, which has its roots in the ambiguity of the duchampian gestures”, she says on her CargoCollective account.

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“Interaktion” is a brand new project in progress, but so far it follows almost the same pattern: the human body as an object.

Find more of her works on Facebook.

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