On the Road: In Berlin with Antonio Paradiso (Exclusive)

My name is Antonio a.k.a. Badthrowup. I used to study at The University of Fine Arts, however now I am studying marketing and business communication. In my free time I like to take silly pictures and play around with my cameras. Although here we are going to see only the nicer works, as it should be. I chose analog photography because you only have one chance to take the shot and definitely for the beautiful analog effect. I came back from Berlin few months ago, where I visited Marco, a very good friend of mine. Let me go into details. I arrive at the Berlin Tegel Airport, I catch a taxi that takes me at Marco’s place, near Pankow. Once I got here I must wait outside in the terrible German cold. I have to wait for 25 mins until finally someone opens me the door. I couldn’t even make phone calls with my Italian phone.

At last Marco arrives, we get in, his place looks like low budget chalet that he shares it with a girl from Hamburg with Spanish manners though. We have dinner and we start a smoking session that lasts 2hours, it gets pretty late so we go to bed. The following day I wake up late, but rested. Before going to work, Marco nearly oblige me to smoke his entire spliff. I have breakfast and then I’m off sightseeing. I had prepared a nice city tour however as usual I don’t do it as planned and I decide to live it day by day.

In my backpack I put my beloved old cameras: a Yashica fx f2000 super+50mm and an automatic Konica c35 on which I placed some Ilfordpan 400 and some Colour implosion surreal. I took my first analog pictures when I was just a little boy. During this time it was still very common to see analog pictures as the digital cameras were not affordable by everyone. Then things changed and now it’s exactly the way round. Few years ago, fascinated by the colours and the imperfections of the analog pictures, I decided to buy my Yashica, later I got the Konica and I could continue telling stuff but… It will be just boring. That’s how Badthrowup was born. I take a walk around Kreuzberg visiting some Italian friends at the bar: “Where is Jesus?”.

I’ll stay here for lunch too. The coffee is great, real Italian coffee. I would have fetched Marco for dinner. I go past Warschauer Strasse, I love this metro station, it’s so dynamic, it’s full of people going in any direction, but the coolest thing is that it is almost entirely outdoor, crossed by the bridge from which you get the see the whole scenery of what’s going on.

I finally get back home. Marco and I have a typical Apulian dish for dinner, totally homemade, straight outta Bari: “orecchiette e cime di rape”. Orgasmic! We play music and have another smoking session till late. -“Goodnight motherf**er” tells me Marco, in a friendly manner. On Saturday we go out together! It’s Marco’s day off. We get up very late for a change, we have lunch straight away and we are off to the city. We fetch some girlfriends and spend the evening in a pub having few beers. We go back home; this time we have some simple rice. Marco warms up the environment playing some records as we eventually decide to go to Berghain. Outside is freezing cold.

We get into the club, some shots with the bar tender, Marco’s friends, were awaiting us. We go upstairs to the dance floor, Freddy K was just about to finish, and the following one is a DJ set from x/y. The rest of the night I leave it to your Imagination. Berghain never disappoints me.

We head back home, in the Berlin cold that to me feels like Siberia, I mean I am not used to that, however also Marco that should be pretty used to it, seems to be suffering as well. We get very hungry so we get some sandwiches and some croissants to take away and eat on the way. The following day I get on the M2 from Prenzlauer Allee, heading to Alexander Platzt. Very common fast foods and some ice cream tracks. The atmosphere is just perfect to takes some street pictures.

Time passes very quickly, I have a quick lunch and then I head back home. For my last night in the city, we have some soya ragú with my famous Orecchiette (homemade Italian pasta). Once again we end up late at night. Tomorrow unfortunately I must go back home. – Goodnight motherf**er, I tell him this time. I promise I’ll soon visit him again.

Text and photos: (c) Antonio Paradiso Aka Badthrowup

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