Lamia, The Fakirs Who Come Straight From The Hell’s Darkest Nightmares

I’ve heard about Lamia before. The Ancient Greeks used to believe that Lamia was this beautiful queen, one of the many mistresses of Zeus, the God’s King. According to the legend, she has been transformed by Hera, the jealous Zeus’ wife into a child-eating monster, only after Hera killed all her children in the first place. Also, Lamia is being considered one of the most powerful Gipsy demons (see Drag me to Hell), one of those demons who can give effect to any malicious curses.

A band of fakirs (or fire-eaters) from Cluj-Napoca took this name and offered it a whole other meaning. I’ve seen fakirs before, don’t get me wrong. But not so passionate, so consumed by their art, so full of mysticism and magic like them. Lamia, Fantasy Fire Show is “a fire-dance band who wants to bring on our lands a piece of the Oriental secrets and mysteries through music, tribal dancing and through the taming of the most fascinant element of nature: the Fire”.

You might think that all this process of bringing the ancient worlds and spirit to the present is hard for them. Well, here’s why you’re wrong; Lamia is actually a group of people with the same passion – the fire-play. Each one of them loved the fire, and played with it long before Lamia. It’s just they do it now all together.

Lamia Fantasy Fire Show from Artur Pataki on Vimeo.

Lamia’s incendiary shows find inspiration also in the medieval themed books or TV series, such as Game of Thrones, but most of them are based on mithology, sorcery and the Underworld. “We’ve always wanted to do something special, to transfer the audience into a whole different world, a world populated by angels, demons and fairies.” (

It’s just unbelievable there are people, somewhere in this country, that can do that. We all have sometimes this burning desire to enter fantasy worlds; Lamia – Fantasy Fire Show is creating fantasy worlds from scratch, right before our eyes for us to unlock.

Lamia Fantasy Fire Show from on Vimeo.

Photo via Facebook

UPDATE: Upcoming Lamia – Fantasy Fire Show: The Luciferian Revolution (II, Rumors About Angels), next Thursday (27 November 2014) at Flying Circus. Check out their page for more information.

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