Retouching Level 9000: Outstanding Digital Paintings by Alena Nikonenko

Alena Nikonenko is a Russian artist who’s been working as a commercial & creative photographer and illustrator, but who recently discovered she can do more than that: she can paint in Photoshop. And let us say: she’s not bad at it – at all!

You can have a look and see how TV shows characters, actors, musicians or simple (but stylish) people are being transformed into instant, eye-catching masterpieces.




“The main specificity of my work is to create art portraits”, says Alena. “[I want to create] a complete image by turning photographs into paintings using Photoshop editor”. As simple and not so unusual as that might sound, the results are the living proof of its uniqueness. And most of the times, the results are the ones that matter, don’t they!?



Check out Alena’s portfolio here or here for more edits.

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