REDU – New Local Store Embraces The Slow Fashion Movement

A new social enterprise opened its doors these days in Iași, Romania. It is called REDU and the idea belongs to a Romanian NGO – “Mai Bine” (en.”Better”). So, what’s so special about the new local store?

As I already mentioned, the place is practically a shop where customers can buy clothes from, except the clothes are either handmade or used. You might be tempted to say it’s basically a second-hand shop. Well, it’s not, because they’re using recycled materials in a creative and educative manner in order to maximize the resources around us.

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The Slow-Fashion movement of clothing recycling was an untested teritory in Romania until recently. It’s quite difficult to change people’s mentality regarding fashion and clothing, because we live in a world where everyone focuses on the looks and wants to be trendy and better dressed than the other. But who said wearing a handmade sweater, for instance, is not trendy?

One of the nicest things about REDU is the way they decorated the whole place; bikes on the ceiling, wooden pallets instead of desk, suspended handlebars instead of trophy heads, branches instead of clothes peg and more. It’s like for a while you stepped into a painting of an environmentalist Dali.



I think it’s worth visiting the store, if not for the clothes, then at least for the almost surreal design it has.

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