The Red District of Andrei Burcea’s Mind

I opened up two Tumblr blogs to get the text going. The big, black & white, eye-raping pictures start developing. The crimson, blood-dissolving red pictures, start flowing. My useless thirst to gather visual waste tells me that I know Andrei, even though he doesn’t know me (I’m the epitome of stalking). But I don’t know him in the normal ‘knowing’ way, no… I haven’t longboarded with him, we haven’t done anything together. I just randomly know him. From Facebook, where you think you know everybody, when in fact you don’t know anybody.


A minimalist. A woman’s worshipper. A some kind of erotic painter, still imprisoned. A silent poet and a secret lover. A photographer who captures moments before they even happen. It’s a nice feeling, scrolling his blogs, you know? Looking through his virtual wardrobe feels like a poem that endlessly recites itself, as the artist is riding downhill, to infinity.

Infinity was the trigger of Andrei’s imagination climax. Almost three years ago, the young design and architecture student, with a hobby for longboarding had an accident which changed him irreversibly. “They say that before you die, you get to see every memory of your life, even those that are insignificant, yeah, every single one in a burst of electrical impulses all traveling through your body at around 100m/s”, he says.



“The so-called near-death-experience, which is apparently real, unleashed my earliest memories of just a few days in the hospital since I’ve been born. Even so, this is not the only thing that happened, my senses and reflexes increased and my right side of the brain started to have increased activity and bursts that reached abnormal peaks”.

“The Interfering Moment” Andrei is speaking about happened probably right there. That was the moment when his thirst for adrenalin deliriously melted into his expanding imagination, when the unfortunate event of physical pain unleashed the creativity. What a mind must he have! What a vision! What must be like to feel your thoughts boiling in a perpetual attempt to become realities? Adrenalin calmed down only through snapshots and .gif-s. I imagine him a ‘Crank’-like Jason Statham, a madman who keeps his post-accident rush alive through vivid, energic photos. Accidental art – what a pleonasm!


Andrei invites me to play a hot and cold game into his unreal red district. I accept it. My face hits a cold wall, a usual building that, photographed in this manner, seems a Photoshop cube, a 3D holographic projection. I step back and I fall in the arms of a girl. She’s warm. Messy and fallen on her back, with the hair scattered on the carpet, gazing into nowhere. I stand up, before this cold tree, with twisted branches and roots full of mud. A naked woman dips her arms in that mud then covers her body with it. She comes to me and touches my left cheek. She’s warm.

Andrei Alexandru Burcea (21) is a visual artist from Romania, “filmmaker, longboarder and nature lover”. He’s photographing for Vice Romania and, while playing with his ongoing “The Interfering Moment” project on Tumblr. Other projects: “Gyseltrut”, “Threesome”, “Hate it or love it”, “In Search for a Home”. Find him on Instagram.



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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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