This is Why You Should Recommend Artists for Cultartes

It’s OK not to trust our webzine. We don’t trust you either. But when we say that we WILL promote your art on our website, no strings attached whatsoever, we actually mean that!

Since we launched the website we got only few recommandations, and that’s partly because of the crappy Facebook page algorithm which doesn’t allow us to share content with all of our fans. We want to change that, so we could find out and write about all less known artists out there. But in order to help you, the artist, we, the writers, need your help!

Tell us more about your art, your works and your dreams, your fears and ideas. Propose ways of promoting; you’ve got no time? Just send us your link (Website, Facebook page, or whatever!). You do have time? Then a short interview would be a good occasion for you to tell the world your story. We promise we’ll make you look good. Have you seen any of our texts? We’re not fucking geniuses copywriters or journalists, but they’re nice, right?

It’s free advertising, goddamit! And it’s not like we’re the selfless Mother Teresa or candidates for Miss World who want to eradicate the poverty. The truth is we’re constantly searching for new subjects in the field, and if creating nice articles comes with giving you the opportunity to promote your art, so be it! Think about this for a second: if we’re ready to spend our “precious” time on writing an article about you for free, why on Earth wouldn’t you spend 3 minutes on telling us a few things about yourself? Don’t be a lazy ass!

If you are not an artist, but you know someone who calls himself or herself an artist, just stand up and tell us more about him/her. It’s not hard, and the time spent on doing this, you would’ve lost it anyway on scrolling 9GAG or watching porn. And he or she will thank you later. If they’re not jerks, or something!

We’re also interested in promoting and writing about local (Iasi), national (Romania) or international (Our Solar System) artsy and unconventional events or movements. It’s an idea we experiment to create virgin,  unhackneyed and qualitative content.

Last but not least, we’re permanently looking for collaborators with the same ideas and perspectives. Writers and readers, NGOs and so on. We’re not necessarily interested in growing ourselves, but growing together with others. Is that wrong?

If we got your attention at least a bit, the following links (forms) will be your next guide: Contact, Recommend Artist, Suggest Event.

Photo via Elena Vizerskaya

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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