Razvan Buruiana’s Work is a Surprising Mix of Fact and Fantasy

Razvan Buruiana is a fashion designer, photographer and graphic artist based in Bucharest. Although I could talk for hours about his amazing collections, today I’ll stick to his mostly black and white photography. It seems to me that Razvan’s work is all about the details. It’s simply amazing how he manages to present things in a different way. There are so many elements that intrigues me about his work, from these strangely beautiful juxtapositions, the smart choices of doodles, to his collage-like raw images. It’s a surprising mix of fact and fantasy, a powerful identity which happens to be my favorite new thing. I first saw Razvan’s work when Lupu Marius send me photos of his Rare Gathering|Unusual Basement Exhibition event and since then I knew this is something I want to write about.

Naturally, there are some certain subjects that tend to work better in black and white, for example portraits or landscapes; yet Razvan successfully captures complex, unforgettable moments every time he has the chance to. I invite you to visit both of his photographer and fashion designer pages.

All images: (c) Razvan Buruiana


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