Rafaël Rozendaal’s Haiku Poems Point Out That Life Sucks

Rafaël Rozendaal‘s art consists in simple, smart, yet obvious and depressing installations. His minimalist perspective on art emphasize that life not only is pretty much random, repetitive and simple in a chaotic way, but it also sucks ass. There’s this sequence from Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club that fits this situation: “Everything’s a copy of a copy of a copy!“.

© Rafaël Rozendaal

© Rafaël Rozendaal

The same kind of painful futility depicts also the artist’s haiku book. Here’s how some of the most recent of Rozendaal’s haiku’s sound like: “RR haiku 118 – writing down / whatever / comes to mind“, “RR haiku 117 – thinking about / doing sit-ups / never mind“. And one of my favorites: “RR haiku 104 – whatever i do / there is always more / to be done“. 


© Rafaël Rozendaal


© Rafaël Rozendaal

For more depressing art and poetry visit Rafaël’s Website.

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