Put Yourself Into a Half-Hour State of Anxiety With Holy Gallows’ ‘Agita’

Mark Brake (aka Holy Gallows) is a Memphis-based musician who just released ‘Agita’, an experimental, post-rock album containing two tracks of 15 minutes each, with two different kinds of stories behind.

As how Garrett Crowe from Everthing is Stories Radio says, “Holy Gallows may remind you of Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Tim Hecker, or Loren Connors. However, Brake takes a patient approach in shaping his own form of guitar-led ambience”.

Mark Brake (Holy Gallows). Photo: Facebook
Mark Brake (Holy Gallows). Photo: Facebook

The repetitive atmospheric dark tale from ‘Gretchen Deathrage’ for instance, makes you turn your face to the sun, close your eyes and attempt a hyperspace jump. Thunders and heartbeats, disorder and climaxes, are all mixed into this beautiful world of non-existence. The figurative murder is also the leitmotif of the second part, ‘250 very quick deaths’, a primordial soup which abounds in vibrant sounds and illustrative audio scenes. The album as a whole is an electric neurotic ode that can basically reduce your day to a 30 minutes trip to another dimension.


For a better understanding of ‘Agita’ you have to check out the promo short-film created by Boyd Harrington:

Listen and purchase ‘Agita’ here. Find Holy Gallows on BandCamp and Facebook.

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