(Premiere) French Post-Punk Duo HININ Releases First EP – “Noyés”

Pierre and Antonin are two French musicians coming from “forsaken places”. They recently formed post-punk duo HININ, inspired by artists like Eagulls or The Dogs, with cold wave and street punk/power punk influences.

“This summer, rather than laying out on the fine sand beaches, or drinking some fresh drinks on terraces, we were locked in our home studio to record, mix, and master our first EP”, the guys told to our magazine.

The 14-minutes EP named Noyés is composed by 4 tracks (Concrete, Terrain Vague, Aveugle, Feu de Paille), each of them leaving me with a good aftertaste/mood and that’s what I’ve always liked about punk – being at peace with its own depravity, the sweet-bitterness of nostalgia and loss, the middle finger shown to life itself.

Produced by Medication Time Records and HININ, the EP was mixed by Raphaël Durand and Nicolas Guerrier while the cover artwork was created by Pierre Bouchet. Noyés is available on CD and tape.

The Cure meets Talking Heads and Sex Pistols in a fresh interpretation of the old times punk inspiring sources: anarchy or revolt, lost love or, as perfectly points out the band itself – boredom. A good vibe comes with the first listening of Noyés. Which is odd, since the title talks about “drowned” people, supposedly. 

Noyés is what you listen when you fucked things up, you finally accept that not everything is up to you and try to get over it. She fell out of love with you and one day she packed her bags and kissed you goodbye? Listen to Noyés. You lost your job coz it was traffic and you were late to work? Listen to Noyés. Your bills are sky-high, the government rips you off, your fridge is emptier than your soul? Well, you know what to do by now.

Check HININ on Facebook. Listen to the Noyés on Bandcamp.

Photo: Louis Fayet

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